Burning the Quran Protects the Freedom of Speech


The burning of a Quran outside a mosque in Stockholm, Sweden on one of the holiest days in Islam sparked outrage in many Islam Stricken countries and widespread condemnations of the Swedish authorities this Thursday. It seems that Islamic regimes in the Middle East organise Islamists to attack embassies, but also to attack Islam critics and Ex Muslims, so they can keep oppressing the society.


In my point of view, it is not ordinary citizens who are doing these attacks. It is not ordinary citizens who are silent while Islamic executions, flogging, compulsory hijab, child marriage, etc. happen, and not ordinary citizens who are overreacting when pieces of paper (Quran) get burnt, somewhere far away in Europe. It is the actual method and policy staged by the Islamic regimes in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc.


To us, Ex Muslims, who have been living under the boots of Islamic regimes, such a policy is all too familiar. Islam critics in the Middle East has been getting attacked, kidnaped, and executed for over five decades now. It seems like Islamic terrorism is now knocking at the door of secular countries in Europe and North America.


By a glance of what has been done by Ex Muslims, Atheists and Islam critics during the past years, it can easily be observed that Islam has been criticised and exposed by many critics. However, it seems like Islamic regimes are doing their best to keep the Islamic sanctities valid, so they can keep oppressing their people and charge them for blasphemy. Therefore, what is called “rage against burning the Quran by muslims” is a specific policy that Islamic regimes has been using for specific purposes, not volunteer acts planned and performed by the citizens of these countries.


To us, Ex Muslims who would like to turn Middle Eastern countries into secular states, burning the Quran and protecting freedom of speech is vital. Islamists and the Islamic regimes must recognize the right of every person to criticise Islam through any language, or method, including burning the Quran. We also would like the world to condemn any sort of Islamic terrorism, such as attacks against Islam critics, and attacks on citizens who would like to burn the Quran.


For us, it is highly important that secular governments in the West remain loyal to the human rights values, including the right of freedom of speech. More volunteers trying to burn the Quran, and more governments in the West that actually allow and protect the rights to perform such an act, will make the Western societies become much safer for Islam critics, and Ex Muslim activists.


To summarise, we believe everyone must be free to criticise any idea or religion, by any method they think is best. Therefore, we support the right of burning the Quran, and believe that it is the duty of the government and the police to make sure the right to criticise Islam remains safe. The more support we get from our host countries, the discourse of recognizing the right of the freedom of speech becomes stronger and more global, which will help the secular Middle Eastern oppositions to eventually change the Middle East into secular states.


Central Committee of Ex Muslims in Scandinavia

July, the 4th, 2023

av Milad

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