Hijab Kills, The ”World Hijab Day” is the act of collaboration with the oppressors

 It is now more than a decade that Islamic movements in the West have named the first day of February as the ”World Hijab Day”. On February the 1st, Islamists organise events and ceremonies to normalise hijab, and represent Islam as the . .choice and identity of middle Eastern

 Veiled Islamists, which are considered as significant factors in the growth of right-wing extremism and racism in the west, turn a blind eye to crimes against women and the people in Islam stricken countries, portraying veiling and Islam, shamelessly as the choices and identity for the people in Middle East and refugees in the West. In practice, Hijab Day is an opportunity for Islamic government, like Islamic regime in Iran, to exploit the democracies in the West, spreading their Islamic propaganda in Europe and North America, attempting to cleanse their bloodstained and criminal image.

However, this year’s observance of Hijab Day is even more absurd than the past years. Those who support and justify Islamic apartheid against women are preparing for Hijab Day this year while the hurricane of the revolutionary slogan of ”Woman, Life, Freedom” slaps their faces, and the genration Z in Iran, has been igniting Islamic veiling controversies in the public sphere. The widespread unveiling of women in Iran, and the whole region, has created a new political paradigm and Islamism is being hated by the people of the Middle East and North Africa more than before.

These Islamic Hijabis are getting ready to celebrate their Hijab Day, while women in Iran face violence every day due to Islamic veiling. In just one case, the brave resistance of Roya Heshmati against Islamic veiling has made headlines, all around the world.

Therefore, we, as secularists who have experienced years of injustice and oppression under Islamic veiling, declare our protest against the World Hijab Day by sharing our unveiled pictures, to say that Islamic veiling is not our identity or choice. Hijab is in fact sexism against women, and a tool for Islamic regimes to oppress societies and secular activists and movements

Central Committee of Ex Muslims in Scandinavia
January, 2024

av Milad

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