September the 16th, is the day Mahsa Amini got arrested by the Islamic police due to  compulsory Hijab law in Iran. Therefore, Iranians are now getting ready for the 2ns wave of the womanly revolution known as the “Woman, Life, Freedom” revolution in Iran. As a consequence, the Islamic regime in Iran has increased the pressure on the society to suppress any possible protests. 


As a recent act, Islamic judiciary in Iran has arrested “Maryam Abbasi Nikoo” for Blasphemy accussions. Maryam Abbasi-Nikoo is the mother of Bita Shafii, a student who protested the poisoning of students. 


On June 26, 2023, security forces raided their home and, upon realising that Bita was not present, physically assaulted her father and detained her mother, Maryam Abbasi-Nikou, in place of her daughter.


Now, after 52 days of uncertainty in prison and being deprived of basic rights, security authorities have brought charges of blasphemy against Maryam Abbasi-Nikou. Blasphemy can be punished by death, due to Islamic law in Iran. 


A few months ago, Yusuf Mehrdad and Sadrallah Fazeli-zare were executed in Iran on the same charge on May 8, 2023,therefore, the life of Maryam Abbasi-Nikou is highly in danger.


All this news is spread while the Islamic organisations in the west are busy fighting against burning pieces of papers (Quran), and regarding all these felonies happening against the middle eastern citizens due to Islamic laws in the middle east east, they are all silent, and somehow cooperate with Islamic regimes and justify it.


Such hypocritical policies by the Islamic organisations in Sweden and the whole are just unacceptable.  


The Central Committee of Ex Muslims in Scandinavia is deeply concerned about the Mrs. Abbasi Nikoo and her daughter, Bita Shafii, as they may get executed any minute, even before the Mahsa Day (September the 16th). As a result, we would like to ask all the legal authorities to start acting as soon as possible to put the Islamic regime of Iran under pressure to free Maryam Abbasi Nikoo immediately. 


Central Committee of Ex Muslims in Scandinavia

August 23rd, 2023


By Milad

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