Islamic Authorities in Iran have pressured a 16-year-old girl’s family and friends to deny the role of hijab patrols in an incident Sunday that led to her falling into a coma.
A source close to the family of Armita Geravand informed the press that the art student’s parents were summoned to an intelligence agency after their daughter was taken to a nearby hospital, where she is currently in the intensive care unit (ICU).
According to the source which requested anonymity, Armita’s parents faced pressure and threats to publicly declare that their daughter had sustained a head injury when she fainted, while denying reports that hijab patrols pushed her after an argument over covering her hair causing her to hit her head against a metal bar.
On Tuesday, Islamic of the Iranian regime, media aired brief interviews with the young girl’s parents at the hospital, alongside short footage depicting her and her two friends entering the car and then her unconscious body being carried out by the friends who lay her on the platform.

Islam Kills..!
More information will be published.


By Milad

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