A new law was passed in Denmark’s parliament on Thursday that makes it illegal to desecrate any holy text in the country, after a recent string of public desecrations of the Quran by a handful of anti-Islam activists sparked angry demonstrations in Muslim countries.
The Scandinavian nation has been viewed abroad as a place that facilitates insults and denigration of the cultures, religions and traditions of other countries. The purpose of the law was to counter “the systematic mockery” which, among other things, has contributed to intensifying the threat of terrorism in Denmark, the justice ministry has said.
“We must protect the security of Denmark and Danes,” Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard said in a statement. ”That is why it is important that we now get better protection against the systematic desecrations we have seen for a long time.”

Blasphemy is one of the basic human rights of everyone. Criminalising blasphemy in a country with a high population of atheist citizens means nothing but to deny the majority of Danish citizens the right to talk about religions in the way they want to. To us, Ex Muslims who have executed, tutored and imprisoned for criticising Islam, Blasphemy law in Denmark is sad, scary and can been as a cooperation by Islamic regimes such Taliban and Islamic republic in Iran by killing and tutoring atheists and Ex Muslims in the Middle East. Such law will also let the Islamists to increase their attacks against Ex Muslim, Atheists and Freethinkers who live in Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries. It can also can lead to far right parties to get more vote and political power.  

The Central Committee of Ex Muslims in Scandinavia strongly condemns any legal act against religion critics and any sort of blasphemy laws, and calls on all the citizens in Denmark, Scandinavia and the whole Europe to stand against such harmful law.

Central Committee of Ex Muslims in Scandinavia
December 2023 


av Milad

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