You can, and you must to end the Islam friendly policy of your party!

Dear Nooshi Dadgostar,

I, as a secular refugee that have escaped from Islamism and the Islamic regime of Iran, and been living in Europe for more than 15 years, was so happy and excited to hear that you are elected as the new leader of the left party of Sweden (Vänsterpartiet). You, as an Iranian refugee who fled to Sweden in the mid 80s, should be aware of how awful Islamism treats people in the Middle East. You must know that you were forced to have Hijab, if you had stayed in Iran. You must know that you had no rule on your own body, sexual and romantic relationships if you had stayed in Iran. You must know that you were one of the millions of women who are facing the Islamic systematic violence in their daily lives, if you had stayed in Iran.

You must know that the Iranian young generation, which you are actually one of those, are sick and tired of Islamic dictatorship. The generation which screams for freedom and secularism all days/everyday.  The generation that is begging for help from the free world, including Sweden.

You must know, the crimes against humanity by the Islamists is the most important reason for the Middle Eastern leaving their homelands and moving to the west including Sweden.

Let me, as a thirty three years old secular and Ex Muslim refugee, share my 8 years experience of living in Sweden with you.

I have seen by my own eyes, refugees who wear Hijab, since they are scared of their own families. I know girls and boys who refuse to go to gyms, swimming pools, night clubs, pubs,etc. due to the mixture of men and women in public places in Sweden. I know homosexual refugees who are treated violently, and getting abundant and humiliated by their own families only because they are LGBTQs. I know children, and I see them every day on the street that go to school while they are veiled by their families. I know young refugees who are forced to get married, taken to Islamic ceremonies, getting circumcision, and in some cases, if they disobey Islamic rules, they get murdered by their own family members.

Yes, they all are happening right now, right here in Sweden, in the year 2021 !!

On the other side, we know that all the main political parties in Sweden, including your party, justify their economic and political relationships with the Islamic regime in Iran. The regime that commits felony crimes against its own people on a daily basis. The people that you were one of them, if you had not moved to Sweden.

Dear Nooshi Dadgostar,

The left political organisations and parties are supposed to represent people’s demands and dreams, not to become a place to promote Islamism. Instead of being a political party that represents feminism, secularism, and vanguard movements in society, I am deeply sad to see that your party today is at the front line of justifying Islamism in Sweden.

Even if you merely, looking for the people’s vote, you must stand on side of the vanguard, feminist and human based movements, and do not let that far right and anti immigrants parties rise the flag of protecting secularism in this country.

We all know that one most important reason, the Sweden’s Democrats Party (SD) has become so big and popular is their anti Islamism features. Now how on earth have you still not realised how important it really is to protect the society from the threat of Islamism?

I, Milad Resaeimanesh, the Central Committee of Ex Muslims in Scandinavia spokesperson, would like to kindly ask you, as a refugee who escaped from the Islamic regime of Iran to Sweden, to stand against the promotion of Hijab in Sweden. I would like you to realise that Hijab for children is one true example of child abuse, and I would like to ask you, to stand against it. I would like to ask you to stand against building mosques, public calls for praying, honour killings, celebrate the world Hijab day, torturing and killing animals for Islamic ceremonies, and violence against ExMuslim children living in Islamic families.

I would like to ask you, as an Iranian refugee who escaped from the Islamic regime of Iran, to cut all the economic and political relationships with the Islamic regime of Iran.

Dear Nooshi Dadgostar,

You can, and you have a historical responsibility to turn the left party of Sweden, from a passive party which has become the home of Islamists, to a vanguard party. I can assure you that following a human based policy would change the left party of Sweden from a current pressure group, to a leading party in this country.



Milad Resaeimanesh


By Karim

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