One of the schools in Sweden has tried to put Ramadan on studies calendar. One of our members, protested against the two Islamist teacher who tried to promote Ramadan at the school. He had a meeting with the school principal, and explain why school must remain religious free ! Islam friendly policies is getting bigger in Sweden. For us, Ex Muslim who are forced to leave our countries due political Islam dictatorship, promoting Ramadan at schools in Sweden, means nothing by ignoring the pain we suffer from for our whole life. Promoting Ramadan at schools is also against the fact, that public places such schools must be neutrality from any ideologies and religions. We, Ex Muslims who live in Scandinavia, would like to ask all the legal authorise, to keep our school secular and religious free. P.S. the sound file our Ex Muslim member has recorded has been sound effected due to security reason.


By Karim

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