Soheil Arabi is an Iranian blogger and photojournalist, who has been persecuted by authorities in Iran for his writing and online activism.
In 2014 he was sentenced to death for blasphemy by allegedly “insulting the Prophet” in Facebook posts (this was commuted to 7.5 years imprisonment in 2015).


In November 2021, he was released after the expiry of his sentence, but is now being required to spend an additional 2 years in internal exile.
While in prison, he has been an advocate for prisoner’s rights, including by undergoing multiple hunger strikes. Further charges of “propaganda activities against the state” have been brought against him as a result of his prisoner’s rights activism.

We have been informed that Soheil has been arrested again, due to on going ”Woman, Life, Freedom” revolution in Iran. Soheil`s is in serious danger. The NFT is an old photo of Soheil been made by Iranian Anarchist federation.


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By Milad

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