Central Committee of Ex-Muslims in Scandinavia statement regarding the terror attack against Salman Rushdie


Criticism of religion and unconditional freedom of speech are the expression of the basic human rights of everyone. However, Anti human and barbaric religious rules do not, and have never  been recognized as such right.

Of course, first of all, it should be emphasised that criticising religion is the basis and axis of freedom of speech, opinion and other civil liberties.

Religious leaders cut off the tongues and heads of critics in return for the so-called ”hurting of their feelings” which is the result of disobedience. With the pretext of ”insulting the sacred”, they easily take the safety and lives of people.


It should be noted that respecting people is different from respecting their opinions. Terrorist and criminal ideas are not respected. Belief in crimes such as flogging and stoning, belief in retribution and amputation of body parts, belief in the obligatory killing of converts and execution of homosexuals, belief in the inferiority of women and rape of girls under the name of Sharia marriage and the like are not only not respectable. Rather, they should be deeply and persistently criticised. We should not forget that these laws are the clear text of the Quran, the rulings and the Islamic Sharia, which have drawn a razor on the society. Let’s criticise. It is respect for people and respect for human beings and humanity that requires us to criticise and expose religious beliefs.


And the brutal attack on #Salman_Roshdi is another example of the rapacity of Islamic mobs, who, with the support and appeasement of Western countries, spread Islamic terrorism more and more and deprive people of their right to life.

We at the X Muslim Scandinavian organization, while supporting the unconditional freedom of expression of people, as always, stand by all critics of religion, we fight and we say with a loud voice:




Central Committee of Ex-Muslims in Scandinavia 

August 2022

By Milad

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