May 26 2012: Day of Action to Defend rapper Shahin Najafi facing a death fatwa

Location: Stockholm- mynttorget

Time: May 26 2012- 17:30

The “Ungdomar och Framtiden” organization in Sweden supports the International Day of Action in support of Shahin Najafi, an Iranian rapper and songwriter living in Germany who has received a fatwa of death by the two Iranian Ayatollahs Makarem Shirazi and Safi Golpayegani. Shahin has been accused of offending Islam in his rap, Naghi. A bounty of 100,000 US dollars has been offered as reward for his murder on a website affiliated to the Islamic regime of Iran.

” Lars Vilks”, organizations, institutions and individuals and music groups will participate in this demonstration to support freedom of speech.

The organization calls on all to join in the various meetings, rallies and actions to be held on 26 May in order to defend Shahin’s right to free expression and his right to be free from threats and intimidation. A criticism of religion is key to the basic right to free expression.

To support Shahin and to stand up for freedom of expression, please join the Facebook page and visit his website.

For more information, contact: Karim Shamohammadi

telephone: 0708526716

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